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Why we need your donations.

The Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center is the municipal animal shelter for the City of Harker Heights. Each year the City of Harker Heights budgets the essential needs of the Pet Adoption Center. This budget includes supplies such as: kitty litter, treats for pets, medicine, food, etc. Additionally, the City budgets funds to pay personnel, maintain the Pet Adoption Center's vehicles, and pay for the building's utilities. Finally, we try to budget for improvements to the facility and to pay for additional services such as spay and neutring our animals. Often times our improvements and additional services do not make it into the budget.

This is where you can help.

By making a monetary donation to one of our programs; you directly impact the life and welfare of one of our shelter animals. Additionally, donation of physical items allows us to use our budgeted funds to make improvements to our shelter. Your time and support is greatly appreciated.

Our Donation Programs

General Donation Fund

Our general donation fund is used to improve our shelter. In the past we have used money that was donated to the general donation fund to purchase chip scanners and larger cat cages for mommy cats that were nursing kittens.

Spay and Neuter Fund

Our spay and Netuer Fund is used to "fix" our companion animals before they are adopted. It is our goal to spay or neuter every animal before it leaves our shelter.

Emergency Medical Fund

Our Emergency Medical Fund will be used to provide for necessary medical procedures for companion animals that may have an injury or medical condition that would be otherwise cost prohibitive for the shelter to support.